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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy below identifies the information collected, ways of collecting and processing it.

When using this website, you must be aware of and accept this privacy policy.

1. Owner and Data Controller
Company name:  USSENZA HOME, S.A.
Tax Number: 518108074
Address: Rua Salgueiro Maia, Nº 32, R/C Dtº 
Postal Code: 2955-028 Pinhal Novo
E-mail: info@ussenzahome.com

2. Data Collected
This website collects the following data through registration or contact forms when completed and sent by the user:
(a) name, (b) telephone number, (c) email
This website uses cookies to collect information statistics anonymously and/or to improve the user experience when using this website.

3. Purpose of Data Collected
The data collected on this website is intended for:
– Contacting the user to respond to requests sent.
– Sending, upon user request, service proposals and/or other information about services and/or own products.
– Future contacts, namely sending communications about services and commercial campaigns.
– Compliance with legal obligations.
The data is thus collected for the purposes indicated above, so every data subject must verify its accuracy and updating so that the person responsible for this website can adopt appropriate measures for its processing.
Completing the forms on this website is accompanied by a request for express consent from the user for the sending and processing of data as described above. This consent given when sending any personal information will translate into prior and express consent to the processing of personal data transmitted by its holder for one or more purposes described above, as well as the owner of this website being authorized to process the personal data collected to the extent and for the time necessary to pursue its purposes.

In compliance with current legal legislation and its policy, the owner of this website clarifies that it does not request, nor encourage, anywhere or in any way, the remission and sending of personal data relating to philosophical or political convictions, party or union affiliation, religious faith, private life, racial or ethnic origin, as well as the processing of data relating to sexual life.
Accordingly, the owner of this website reserves the right not to accept the collection or receipt of information that jeopardizes fundamental rights or that appears to be illegal, with any responsibility for the respective processing being excluded.
Taking into account the purpose of processing the information collected, the owner of this website reserves the right to cancel or cancel any order if all the data necessary to manage the process in question is not collected, any liability being excluded.

4. Conservation of Personal Data
Accordingly, it is hereby informed that personal data collected as part of any process to be processed by the owner of this website may be kept for the period necessary to fulfill the purpose, and may be kept in reserve for future processes or be kept for the continued sending of promotions or announcements of actions, services or products, without prejudice to the holder’s right to request the deletion of their data (right to be forgotten) at any time, as indicated in the following point.

5. Rights of the holder of Personal Data 
The period of time during which personal data is stored and preserved will vary according to the purposes chosen by the interested parties, but always for a period equal to
or shorter than the period stipulated by law, however:
The holder of personal data may, at any time, request:
– Access/request all information held by the person responsible for this website about you
– The deletion of all information held by the person responsible for this website about you whenever one of the following reasons applies : (i) the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected or processed; (ii) the holder withdraws consent, when consent is the legal basis; (iii) the holder opposes the processing and there are no prevailing legitimate interests that justify its maintenance or (iv) the personal data must be erased to comply with a legal obligation.
– The rectification of the information held by the person responsible for this website about you
– Portability, limitation and/or opposition to processing, the holder must communicate their request in writing to the owner of this website, identifying themselves by their full name and sufficient identification elements to allow us to allow your proper identification and subsequent processing of your request.

All requests must be made through the addresses and methods identified in point 1 of this privacy policy.
Additionally, the holder may always submit any complaints he deems necessary to the competent authority for that purpose.

6. Security in the Processing of Personal Data
The data collected is processed and stored electronically and on physical media (paper) when necessary.
The owner of this website has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized dissemination or access, and against any form of unlawful processing. Only employees and subcontractors authorized by the owner of this website have access to personal data, being bound by the duty of secrecy and confidentiality.
If, for any reason, there is a breach of security that causes, accidentally or unlawfully, the unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or access to personal data, the owner of this website undertakes, under the terms of applicable legislation, to be communicated to the competent authorities, without undue delay and, whenever possible, up to 72 hours after becoming aware of such an occurrence.
Under these terms, the owner of this website undertakes to communicate the breach of personal data to the respective data holder, in accordance with applicable legislation.
Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraphs, the user must adopt additional necessary and required security measures, namely having an active firewall, updated antivirus and anti-spyware, and must make prudent use when accessing third party platforms, checking and confirming the existence of a digital certificate and the reliability of the address, excluding any liability on the part of the owner of this website for reasons not attributable to him or for failure to comply with specified or required rules of caution.

7. Communication of Personal Data to Third Parties
The information and personal data to which the owner of this website has access will not, under any circumstances, be sold or transferred to third parties.
As part of its activity, the owner of this website may use subcontractors to provide certain services, which may imply, in some situations, access, by such entities, to the personal data of users or customers.
If this occurs, the holder consents to this sharing, and the owner of this website is committed to taking the necessary and appropriate measures to ensure that entities that have access to such personal data are reputable and offer high guarantees at this level. , which will be duly enshrined and safeguarded in a written contract, concluded between the owner of this website and the subcontractor(s).
Any subcontractor with whom the owner of this website shares data will be responsible for processing users’ personal data, in their name and on their behalf, with the commitment to adopt the necessary technical and organizational measures in order to protect personal data against destruction, accidental or illicit, accidental loss, alteration, dissemination or unauthorized access and against any other form of illicit treatment, being responsible for the appropriate use and in legal terms.
Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraph, the owner of this website is responsible for the processing of personal data under legal terms and within the respective limitations of use.

8. Access to Third Party Websites
The privacy policy is not applicable to third party websites or means of support that the user may access through this website. In this case, whenever you visit another website from this one, you should always read the applicable privacy policy and check whether you agree with its terms before providing your personal data.
The owner of this website is not responsible for the privacy policy or processing of personal data that applies to third-party websites, nor for the content available on the same websites.

9. Cookies
This website may use cookies and/or web beacons when a user accesses the pages. The cookies that can be used are associated (if applicable) only with the browser of a specific computer, tablet or cell phone.

The cookies that are used on this website may be installed by it, which originate from different servers operated by it, or from third-party servers that provide services and install cookies and/or web beacons (for example, cookies that are employees for statistical services or certain external content). The user can search their computer according to the browser’s instructions and find and remove cookies.
Cookies are necessary to allow us to identify that a browser (and supposedly a person using that browser) that accesses different pages of a website is the same browser (and supposedly the same person) that accessed a certain page, i.e. normally easy to exemplify with login, when a user logs in to a website, that website stores a cookie in the browser with a unique identifier that then allows it to be known that it was that login that requested a certain page and with this being able to show information or provide specific functionalities for that user.

This website uses cookies in order to provide the best possible experience when using and browsing this website, particularly in the following situations:
– Sharing content on social networks
– Displaying third party content (e.g. videos)
– Collection of statistics

We do not use cookies to:
– collect information that allows you to be identified
– collect sensitive information about you
– pass information that identifies you to third parties

More details on how cookies are used in each case mentioned above:
Social media cookies
So that users of this website can easily share our content on their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, this website includes buttons for these accounts functionalities.

Cookies for these functionalities are therefore created and introduced on our pages by Facebook (Facebook Privacy Policy) and Twitter (Twitter Privacy Policy).

The privacy implications of these features depend on the social networks that users of this website use and the privacy settings they define on each of these networks.

Cookies for anonymous statistics on visitors to this website.
This website uses cookies to compile statistics on visits, in order to obtain anonymous information about the number of visits it receives, what technology is used to access the website, which pages are viewed and for how long, among many other anonymous statistical indicators.

This information allows this website to continually improve its visitors’ experience.
The software that this website uses to collect statistics is Google Analytics.

This type of cookie is used by this website:
– Google Analytics – Google Privacy Policy
If you do not want your visits to websites and blogs to be detected by Google Analytics, go to  http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

For more information about cookies, including to find out which cookies have been installed and how they can be managed and deleted, visit  http://www.allaboutcookies.org/

Last updated: 27 Maio 2024